I create objects and installations that allow the audience through participation to explore the complexity of perspectives, the feeling of being trapped without one’s knowledge, as well as to envision alternative realities. In a broader sense my artwork is about creating a bend in reality, through which they can question their perspectives. Through creating interactive artwork, I hope to make the audience re-evaluate the nature of our core beliefs and values such as the feeling of displacement and apprehension of the unknown.

    I often draw inspiration from common objects, such as a cardboard box, a phone or a kaleidoscope. However, in changing their functions they become devoid of their context. Each piece holds a narrative that draws the viewer into a different way of seeing the reality they inhabit. The installation piece “Perpendicular Realities Act I: The Toilet”, is an entire bathroom installed horizontally in a field, creating a shift which illustrates the uncertainty of our own limited collective experience of reality. In a way they are an exercise in expanding people’s perceptions on what we consider possible and impossible. It is questioning whether we limit our universe through not letting our minds wonder past reason. 

    Doors are a symbol I use often in my art practice. As an object it generates meaning through its rich history of complex connotations. Seeing a closed door, we anticipate what might be behind it. However, instead of the door being a functional object, in my work it becomes the space which the audience focuses on. In many of my pieces the audience is invited to walk through and interact with the doors. In an effort to twist expectations, I use doors as an end in and of themselves rather than just as a means. This is an effort to encourage the participants to explore a sense of self. Doors commonly represent a new beginning, and going through doors has an implication of time passing. Through exploring these decontextualised doors, I would invite people to observe themselves and how they have changed throughout time and with the opportunities that were given to them.

    Creating spaces that appeal to an audience’s sense of wonder is key to my work. Instilling a sense of amazement has always been a way for artists to positively impact audiences. Instead of criticising, I hope to provide alternative ways of improving the way we interact with our world, and the way we make our choices. If life imitates art, then surely creating it is the first step to changing our outlook.