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Temporary Outdoor Installation photographed in 3 different locations.
Pallets, Window, Plywood Boards
110 x 200 x 90 cm

There is a particular moment in the day when the sun shines through the window -just so- that it makes a patch of light appear. That patch where the cat would lounge. That patch where you would stand to warm your feet up. An ephemeral painting out of pure light, hanging in your living room. A small patch of magic. Only after starting this particular piece of art did I think of Hammershøi and his paintings of white-washed empty rooms and trickling light through large windows. However, here the urban environment, small and barren, is contrasted with the wilderness of nature. This is the first location that the installation has been placed in. With the rotation of the sun, the light shines only at a certain time through the window, giving the sculpture life. I plan to play around with different locations for the next week to see how the sculpture changes with its environment.

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